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The Management of Hazards during Pinned to Seabed Operations

This article presents a review of the current industry approach to the perception of risk and the managment of the hazards on a floating rig or vessel connected at the seabed. The range of possible consequences covers everything from minor operational delay to catastrophic failure of the workstring. This article includes two first-hand accounts of events that resulted in severe damage to the rig structure and also incorporates feedback from a survey of subject matter specialists to gauge a wider understanding of industry incidents and perception of risk.

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A very interesting, well structured, contemporary course covering all facets of well test planning, well test objectives, operations and data gathering. I found that all the modules were relevant especially those on the current regulations, process safety, formal safety assessment and competency. The course was well presented by Nick last and Paul Nardone both of whom have many years of practical experience of well testing operations in hostile environments and were able to convey the many concepts discussed in a well organised and informal manner. I would recommend the course to engineers of any discipline wishing to become more familiar with the planning, safety issues, hardware required, and execution of a well test in today’s environment.

Chris Murray - Field Supervisor Metrol Technology